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Starting over – again

Christine Maier can still remember her commercial training at WACKER well. “When other trainees complained about things, I always told them how good they have it here,” she recalls. No Saturday work, no late shifts, no physically tough work. “This gave them something to think about and they then saw a lot of things in a different light,” says Christine Maier and laughs.

From supermarket manager to e-learning expert – Christine Maier has piled a whole load of know-how into her shopping cart in the course of her decidedly non-boring career.

She knows what she’s talking about. After all, by the time Christine Maier started her training at WACKER, she was 28 years old and already had quite a bit of job experience under her belt. She entered an apprenticeship in the food retail industry in her hometown Simbach am Inn (near Burghausen) at only 15, at the bidding of her parents. “No dream job, but I saw it through,” she says. One year after finishing her apprenticeship, Christine Maier was already managing a branch store. She enjoyed the job, but it didn’t fulfill her. After her marriage she changed course, working first in a hotel and then in a supermarket. There, too, she fought her way quickly upwards. At 23, she made deputy store manager; at 25 she was already managing a supermarket with 30 employees.

But then she took a step which many dream about but few dare to put into action: she quit her job and started all over again. She applied to WACKER for an apprenticeship as a clerk for office communications. At the Job Center they said: but you’ve got such a great job! And her then boss was baffled as to why she would want to take such a backwards step, from boss to trainee. For Christine Maier, however, it was a step forward.

Holger Schmidt from WACKER HR, who recruited her at the time, recalls that her courage impressed him above all else, “to give up a secure position as a store manager and venture into something completely new as a trainee at WACKER.” He adds: “I’m sure her innate power and dedication shone through in every other position she previously held.”

Her willingness to learn and adapt has already opened many doors for Christine Maier.

Maier, now 41, relates: “When I visit my former colleagues, they say: it’s great that you did that.” Of course courage comes into it. And determination. Christine Maier knows that she has more self-confidence than others. “But if something bothers me and I can change it, then I do change it,” she says in her imperturbable, Lower Bavarian tone of voice. It’s as simple as that.

Despite this, she doesn’t regret any of the waypoints in her career. “I’ve learned something everywhere, for example in dealing with employees and customers.” These experiences also help her in staff development, where she now works. She co-developed new online training courses and supervises employees who need help with the WACKER learning management system. For this position, she studied alongside her regular job to acquire a qualification as a personnel specialist. After all, you shouldn’t let your work get boring and routine.

She seeks excitement in her leisure time, too. Christine Maier goes mountain biking, cycle racing, sailing and climbing; recently she made her first parachute jump. “That was fantastic,” she says. Listening to her, you suspect that she has other exciting things in mind as well!