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Made in Taiwan

Alex Lee is one of WACKER’s longest-serving employees in the Greater China Region. He experienced the exciting changes that took place there first hand. When the Taiwanese national started his job as sales manager in Taipei in 1995, there were only a handful of small sales offices. Today, Lee has 870 colleagues.

Alex Lee (far left) turns to Nature to recover from the busy daily routine in Taipei. The beach is also a popular destination for team excursions.

Alex Lee has plenty to relate about China’s meteoric rise: He moved to Shanghai for WACKER in 2004, when the harbor city was developing into a modern metropolis with international flair. “A great time to experience the breathtaking transformation that took place,” says Lee. But he also experienced how culture and tradition underwent change in everyday life. “Today Shanghai is not much different from New York or Tokyo,” he sums up.

And the relationship between China and Taiwan has also changed significantly since Lee left for Shanghai with his wife and two children in 2004. “Back then, we had to fly via Hong Kong or Macao. There were no direct flights,” he recalls. “Today you can fly directly to 20 major cities in China from Taipei.” The countries have close economic ties. Taiwanese companies have invested billions in Mainland China.

Alex Lee has many memories of his time in Shanghai. He was involved in the acquisition of Wuxi for WACKER SILICONES, was head of the L-R-A and L-D-A Business Teams (Business Division L, Dispersions & Resins, Asia Pacific) and supported major customers. Now Lee is working back in Taipei again. The 51-year-old had personal reasons for returning to his home country.

Lee is now responsible for selling silicone products for the Taiwanese energy and electronics sector as well as the industrial sector. Every day is a challenge, he explains. “Made in Taiwan” faces a lot of competition now. “We have to work very hard to deliver real advantages for our customers, but we are still on top of things,” says Lee.

Alex Lee works with seven colleagues in the WACKER sales office on Taipei's Jen-Ai Road. “The most beautiful street in the whole of the capital,” says Lee with pride. In the spring he can look down from his window on the sixth floor at the red silk cotton trees in full bloom lining the street.

Lee greatly appreciates the beauty of nature in his native Taiwan and at the weekend, he and his wife often go mountain climbing or bathe in the hot springs in the vicinity of Taipei. “It’s just a pity you can’t ski here,” says the keen sportsman. Ever since his German colleagues took him along to the Alps a few times, many years ago, Alex Lee enthusiastically recalls skiing in powder snow.