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Brimming with Music and Pointed Punchlines

The Slaughterhouse Tavern in Munich is an institution for all things cabaret: If you want to perform here, you have to be pretty good. Siltronic employee Walter Frank, 51, made the cut.

Presenting “De Drei” – musical cabaret with Walter Frank from Siltronic on bass (center), Rainer Schratt on the keyboard (right) and Harald Kotschi on the guitar.

“There’s still room for improvement” – this phrase is a common theme running through Walter Frank’s life. It first occurred to him as a teenager. He had been playing guitar in a band called “Torpedoes” since the age of fourteen. Then suddenly he switched from guitar to bass overnight. Why? “Playing bass is just so much fun” he says, “plus, fewer people play the instrument.”

There's still room for improvement: At the age of 29, having worked as a foreman at a car mechanic’s, Walter Frank decided to do a technical diploma and then study engineering at university. He later took over a division at Siltronic where you often hear the phrase: “there's still room for improvement.” Whenever there is potential to improve something, his services as a technician and support engineer are called upon. “My job is to look out for errors and optimize processes,” he explains. For instance, he developed a certification system for staff who need clear and uniform guidelines for the final inspection of silicon wafers.

In his free time, Walter Frank played in a dance band. 2006 saw him move to a music group that was playing at the Mühldorf carnival celebrations. But just a year later, “De Drei” took their leave from the carnival revelry. Their retirement from cabaret did not last long, however, as Walter Frank and his fellow band mates, Harald Kotschi and Rainer Schratt soon realized: “There's still room for improvement...” and decided to perform their own repertoires as a cabaret music group in future.

“There’s still room for improvement” – “De Drei” just before a gig. Soon the theater will be packed to the rafters.

They practiced once a week for a year and then came their first show: “Women: Friend or Foe?”, which proved to be a huge success for “De Drei”. They played in packed out concert halls to audiences in various villages in Bavaria. The Passau Newspaper celebrated them as “hilarious and highly musical,” and the Mühldorf Gazette declared them to be “light fare charmingly packaged.” Walter Frank soon realized: “Cabaret is a lot harder than dance music. You immediately get a blatantly honest response. People either laugh, or they don’t.”

“De Drei’s” three-part vocals soon became their trademark. In the meantime they are onto their fourth show, not only in Mühldorf and the surrounding area, but in Munich too. “Feit’s weit?” they ask the crowd as they appear on stage at the Slaughterhouse Tavern. “Feit’s weit” is a Bavarian expression that means something along the lines of: “Are we missing something here?”

Well, the only thing missing with this trio is seriousness. They make fun of everything and everyone: Italian politicians, Icelandic volcanoes, German bureaucrats – and even the lowly appendix is material for satire. And since there’s always room for improvement, “De Drei” are planning to record their first CD over the summer holidays including highlights from their live shows to date.

And what does the author think of “De Drei’s” current act? Let’s put it this way: “Do feit se nix!” which translates as: “It’s an absolutely unmissable performance with great music and cracking punchlines”

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