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Herbert Huber

Herbert Huber



Function, tasks:
Technical administrator / Engineering and supplier development

Year of joining WACKER:

What is special about my time at WACKER is… :
I have been able to meet lots of interesting people and personalities. During my time at WACKER, real friendships have developed that even outlast active working life when colleagues retire.

What is special about WACKER is...
As a result of the length of time I have worked for the company and the tasks I have performed, I have seen a great number of external companies, particularly distributors and suppliers . If you take a look behind the scenes here, it becomes clear that despite far-reaching expansion and the now considerable size of the company, WACKER has always been able to preserve the feel of a family business. In the fast-paced world we live in today, this is an exceptional achievement.

Where I want to be in ten years’ time:
Hopefully in good health and retired (chuckles).

What was better than today 100 years ago?
Definitely the fact that people had to discuss things face-to-face. In those days many problems could be solved directly through straightforward dialog, and body language still played an important role. In today’s digitalized age, most information is exchanged electronically; the cold detachment of this form of communication also has a number of downsides.

What will be better than today in 100 years’ time?
I hope WACKER will be at the cutting edge of new global innovations.

And the best thing about today is:
The desire to further our development and improve our performance.

What I would like to bring about at WACKER:
To keep playing my part as a cog in the machine working towards the company’s success to the best of my ability.

What I would still like to try out in life:
To live life without having to think about tomorrow.

My favorite meal at work:
Plain and simple: Vienna sausages from the convenience store.

My favorite celebration: