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A Question of Maintenance

Without Michael Wendlinger and Andereas Ertl, members of the Facility Management Service Team, the WACKER headquarters building would probably shut down in no time at all. Dealing with broken chairs, a malfunctioning heating system, or missing equipment in the conference rooms, there are probably few other WACKER teams who have as many responsibilities or large areas to cover as the Facility Management team.

There are probably few other WACKER teams who have as many responsibilities or large areas to cover as the Facility Management team (from left: Oliver Köppe, Michael Wendlinger, Andreas Ertl, Olaf Maier; front: Florian Horstmann).

The bottom end of its wide range of duties begins down in a basement room where green piping leads out from a large tank – this is the control room for the central sprinkler system. One of the Facility Management team members checks in here every day to make sure the system is in good working order. The other end of the team's duties is on the roof of the building at a height of 26 meters. “Between these two extremes,” says Andreas Ertl, “are 65,000 square meters of building and 33,000 square meters of carpeting that we also look after. Moreover, we help around 750 employees and 350 tenants with roughly 200 office moves annually. We plan the move, organize the furniture and PC set-up and work with partner companies to do the move.”

Last year, Ertl and Wendlinger spent a great deal of time up on the glass roof as it underwent renovation. Andreas Ertl was involved in the planning process right from the start. He provided the existing building plans and monitored fire protection and safety in all areas. In brief, “We oversaw everything that had to do with maintenance, safety and fire protection – such a high construction site required special measures.”

Notwithstanding the fact that most of the other duties handled by the nine employees from the “Facility Management” department under “Central Services” consist of routine work, their services are central to the smooth running of the building. Their day begins before 7:00 a.m. when the Service Team is there to shovel snow in the winter and sweep the sidewalks in the summer. “We then set up conference rooms for the day,” explains Michael Wendlinger, “we arrange office furniture to meet the employees' needs, dispose of garbage, repair clogged toilets, etc.”

Whenever there are small technical problems, the Facility Management team always finds a solution quickly. Well, almost always. Only once, when there was water damage on the fifth floor, were they stumped. Four men in overalls were appraising the damage when by chance a member of the Executive Board walked by and asked what was wrong. “There's a water leak here,” was the answer. The board member looked at the damage and joked: “We will need a good piece of silicone from production to block up that leak.”

If needed, Michael Wendlinger even provides services on skis. That's what he did last winter when a telephone stopped working – not at the headquarters' building, but in the 80-year old WACKER mountain hut at Tegernsee. “I'm responsible for maintenance there, too,” says Wendlinger, “and because there is no other way to reach the hut in winter, I skied in with a Telekom employee.” The telephone in the ten-bed hut was working again in no time at all. Incidentally, the hut is a very popular destination among WACKER employees.

The year 2014 is also a very special year for the Facility Management team: “As with all major events, someone from our team will also be on call for all the festivities celebrating 100 years of WACKER,” says Andreas Ertl. An around-the-clock on-call service will cover all contingencies. Because, in the end, the Facility Management team wants to maintain its successful track record. In a word, according to Michael Wendlinger: “We have always finished on time.”