Questionnaire - Wacker Chemie AG



Abel Ruiz Giniebra


WACKER SILICONES, Secondary-Silane Processing

Function, tasks
Deputy shift leader

Year of joining WACKER

What is special about my time at WACKER is...
experiencing the ongoing development of the Nünchritz plant.

What is special about WACKER is...
... the dedication with which fast and sustainable help is made available to victims of natural disasters across the world by the WACKER Relief Fund.

Where I want to be in ten years’ time:
I don't want to remain where I am; I'd like to extend my horizons and advance my skills.

What was better than today 100 years ago?
There was no atom bomb.

What will be better than today in 100 years’ time?
Hopefully, there will be peace in the world; xenophobia and profit interests will be things of the past.

And the best thing about today is:
That we are where we are.

What I would like to bring about at WACKER:
WACKER is a driving force and I want to contribute and be part of the dynamics.

What I would still like to try out in life:
a journey in a time machine – "Back to the Future."

My favorite meal at the employee cafeteria:
I love meat; my favorite is roast pork with crackling – any time, anyplace.

My favorite celebration:
I enjoy the act of celebrating. Every celebration is my favorite.

At Christmas in 1983 I moved to former East Germany from Havana, Cuba. In the meantime I have been in Germany longer than I was in Cuba.