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Changing Times

From humble beginnings come great things: this is the motto that defines the WACKER subsidiary, DRAWIN. And it is equally true of Cornelia Pohl and her sales team.

Cornelia Pohl (2nd from left) and her team supply silicone products in small containers to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

When DRAWIN Vertriebs-GmbH was founded in Rimmerling on May 25, 1987, Cornelia Pohl was still working as a dental technician in a lab. With a great eye for detail, she produced perfect tooth crowns from plaster casts. At that time, DRAWIN was also concerned with comparatively small things in relation to the large world of WACKER. The employees there sold silicone products in small containers, from 100 gram tubes to 5 kilogram boxes. They were soon so successful that sales of larger containers of up to 200 kg was then transferred to DRAWIN – from 1992 DRAWIN launched its specialist distributor function for the moldmaking sector.

Meanwhile Cornelia Pohl acquired further training as an industrial sales manager. Equipped with both technical understanding and training in business, she joined DRAWIN’s moldmaking division in 1993 where silicone rubber grades are sold to customers who use them in very different ways – for manufacturing industrial prototypes, decorative features for facades or the fiber-composite parts for racing cars.

Incidentally, the name DRAWIN is derived from the origins of WACKER and comprises the first letters of the words: Dr. Alexander Wacker Industrie Nürnberg. A reference to the research company founded by Alexander Wacker in Nuremberg in 1903.

From the outset, part of Cornelia Pohl’s job at DRAWIN was to expand their customer base. Today she does her research on the Internet, but in 1993 she still had to plough painstakingly through telephone directories. She would also go to tradeshows where all too often she’d hear people say things like: “I’d like a cup of coffee please, young lady.” And then I need to speak to one of your technicians.” Cornelia’s response: „“I am responsible for technical questions about our silicones – what question would you like me to answer?”

In 2002, Moldmaking Marketing & Sales in German-speaking countries was assigned to Cornelia. Back then she insisted on a condition that sounds strange today. “I will only drive to visit a customer if the car has a navigation system.” Cornelia Pohl is great with technology, but not so good with road maps. “Without a navigation system I would have got completely lost,” she says, “luckily my request was approved – of course, today these come as standard.”

Over the years, DRAWIN has gradually expanded. At present, there are about 40 employees who deal with foreign and domestic sales. “What’s more,” says Pohl, “we are making a great deal of progress with our specialist distributor functions for Industrial Solutions and Rubber. In this area we supply large aerospace, electronics and engineering companies.”

The 54-year-old spends most of her working time at the office where she coordinates her team and deals with issues like the Prohibited Chemicals Ordinance. When she looks back on her 20 years at DRAWIN, two things in particular stand out: “on the one hand, the Internet has accelerated our work pace, on the other – and this has not changed – we’ve always had a great sense of solidarity within the team.”