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Finding Love in Saxony

The months leading up to and following the turn of the Millennium are remembered as a particularly wonderful and exciting time in Josef Dobler’s life. He was one of the first WACKER employees sent on a temporary deployment from Burghausen to Nünchritz in April 1999. In his capacity as a technical coordinator, Dobler oversaw the modification of the plants in Nünchritz. At that stage, he had no idea how quickly a “while” could turn into a new life.

WACKER gave Josef Dobler the love of his life: when he was assigned to Nünchritz he met his wife, Carola Donner, and decided to stay in Saxony.

The native Austrian began his career at WACKER Burghausen in 1980. From 1985 he worked in the planning department. Recalling his first few months in Nünchritz, today he says: “There was a real sense of optimism in the group. We got along famously and even spent a lot of our free time together. And we had a great time upgrading the Nünchritz site with state-of-the-art technology.” Once again, this project illustrates what has distinguished WACKER over its 100-year history. “The right decisions are made, enabling WACKER to grow and evolve,” explains Josef Dobler.

On a personal level, while Dobler is not usually the party type, he joined in the festivities at a Carnival party. It was held at Hotel “Moritz,” where he and his colleagues from Burghausen happened to be living at the beginning of 2000.

He is selective about what he is willing to disclose about that night. But he does say this: “I met an amazing woman there – and as the evening progressed, we felt drawn to one another.” What started out as a Carnival flirtation turned into the love of his life. A short while later, Josef Dobler realized that he wanted to live together with his new girlfriend.

But where? Burghausen, which is close to the mountains and also to Dobler’s “biking buddies,” with whom he has been taking a week’s cycling vacation in Mallorca every summer for years, or Nünchritz? After all, his new girlfriend was one of the two managers at Hotel Moritz and it would not have been easy for her to a move to Bavaria.

It didn’t take Josef Dobler long to decide. He stayed in Nünchritz. At WACKER, he switched over to technical support for the distillation and filling plants, whose retrofitting and conversion he had already helped coordinate. In September 2012, he married his true love from Saxony. But every winter they travel together for a week of skiing in the Alps. And every summer, the 57-year old and his buddies still go cycling in Mallorca – without their wives.