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The Italian Connection

Every morning at 5:25 a.m., Vanessa Rosato is seated in the commuter train from Landshut to Munich East station. On her way to Landshut, she first picks up her father. Their routine runs like clockwork – and both work at WACKER. Fernando Rosato has worked at the computer center for 30 years; his daughter has been with WACKER since 2011. She works in the Copy Center at company headquarters. “Where we live in Lower Bavaria, there are jobs for sure, but no other company offers its employees as much as WACKER,” says the 28-year old.

50,000 sheets of paper pass monthly through Rosato’s and Leva’s high-tech equipment.

Her colleague Domenico Leva also feels “very fortunate” that WACKER offered him a permanent job a few years ago. “Many people in the company supported and recommended me,” he explains. After coming to Munich from his home town of Dortmund, he worked a variety of different jobs. Then, through a temp agency, he got a position at WACKER a mailman and later as a caretaker. In 2006, when the Copy Center supervisor Julius Baßler retired, Leva was able to take over his position. A dream job, says the father of three and passionate soccer fan with a smile.

The two colleagues with Italian roots make a reliable team. Every year, for instance, they handle 8,000 Christmas cards that have to be printed in seven languages. “We start in November and finish all the cards just before Christmas,” says Vanessa Rosato. Her daily work involves printing colorful notepads with names, quarterly reports, posters and brochures. The center also duplicates DVDs and USB sticks. On the day of their interview in the fall of 2013, Vanessa Rosato and Domenico Leva were preparing DVDs for the 100th anniversary of the Burghausen plant fire department.

The duo prints 50,000 sheets of paper monthly in their copy rooms, which have a view of the building’s landscaped inner courtyard. A major part of their work is now done by computer. Even the large black copy machines are high-tech. “We can do very accurate work with them, which is particularly important for corporate design,” says Domenico Leva. “Because the colors have to be just perfect.”

Both take their jobs very seriously. After all, they have to handle highly confidential documents conscientiously. Speed also plays a major role. WACKER has tried outsourcing orders to external suppliers in the past, relates Domenico Leva. “But they soon came back to us,” divulges the 43-year old with an impish smile. “We are simply better.”