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Mentor in Asia

If anyone is a global citizen, it’s him. He was born in India and has lived and worked in England and Australia. He has an Irish first name and a Portuguese last name. He is an Australian citizen but now lives in Singapore.

Oneil Remedios with his twin daughters Nikki and Tia.

This is the base from which Oneil Remedios is expanding WACKER’s presence on the markets of Asia. His responsibility extends to countries as varied as Vietnam, South Korea, Australia and India – and the 43-year-old finds that exciting. “Working with different cultures suits me.”

Now a 14-year employee with WACKER, this biochemist applied from London and was immediately sent to Melbourne, Australia, to work as a manager. He still speaks enthusiastically about the seven years he spent Down Under. The birth of his twin daughters in Australia was life changing. He and his family liked the high quality of life and how open and friendly the people were. The natural beauty, spectacular landscape, pristine beaches and great outdoors gave them many opportunities for family outings and sporting activities.

Singapore is Remedios’ third assignment with WACKER following a job in Mumbai as Vice President – Sales & Marketing of Wacker Metroark Chemicals. With 5.5 million residents, this city state Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries on earth. Remedios likes the blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. The city is clean and safe, and has a tropical climate. Its well planned parks and nature reserves allow one to enjoy an urban lifestyle surrounded by greenery. Singapore is multicultural and the locals are disciplined and hardworking, making it a great environment to work in.

Daily life is impeccably organized in the region’s business hub: the flow of vehicular and air traffic is efficient and orderly, the subway and bus systems are extensive, the airport has convenient international flight connections and the city boasts outstanding restaurants with international cuisine. “After living and working here, I can now understand why most global companies choose to base their Asian headquarters in Singapore,“ Remedios points out.

The WACKER office is located in a modern building in the Singapore Science Park just a few hundred meters from the university. 37 WACKER employees work here. As the head of the Engineering Silicones business team in Asia, Remedios is on the road as often as he is in the office.

His unit was established one year ago and intentionally structured to provide considerable leeway for developing business and local resources to support local business needs. This is WACKER’s response to the unique needs of a region where demand for silicones is growing at a rapid pace. Remedios’ team aims to offer local products tailored to the needs of local customers.

Of the twelve countries within his area of responsibility, five are in Southeast Asia, and in these emerging markets, Remedios acts both as teacher and mentor. “A big part of my job is giving people the tools and skills they need,” he says. He would like to see his team be entrepreneurial, creative and take ownership, and is sure of one thing: “When you strengthen people’s skills, you’re helping your business too.”