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Close to the Customer

Of all the employees at WACKER’s Stuttgart sales office, Sigrid Mistele has been there longest: 20 years. Her customers include many firms from the construction industry, both large and small.

Sigrid Mistele, pictured here in the center of Stuttgart, can tell a thing or two about the demands of the construction industry.

Sigrid Mistele enjoys singing and has belonged to a choir for many years, with a repertoire including Mozart, Bach and other classical works. But she can also “sing a song” about the problems of the construction industry. If a customer is in urgent need of a specific plaster, a perfect tile adhesive or another product containing dispersions or dispersible polymer powders, Sigrid Mistele makes sure that their needs are met swiftly and faultlessly.

Of course she doesn’t do this on her own. “I’m with Customer Service,” she says, “but our team of three also includes a sales manager and a technical specialist.” The sales manager advises the customers while the technical specialist provides solutions tailored to the customer’s specific requirements at their actual premises.

Then Sigrid Mistele does the paperwork and makes sure that the orders are carried out speedily. “The building trade is highly weather-dependent,” she relates, “so in many cases we have to deliver within three to four days. Luckily, our logistics department in Burghausen has introduced many innovations in recent years, so orders are handled faster than ever before.”

A total of 18 employees work at WACKER Customer Service in Stuttgart city center. The sales managers carry out their business from their home offices, with fixed, regionally based contacts for the customers instead of an anonymous call center. This means that they are close to the customer – just like the technical specialists. Sigrid Mistele, too, knows many of her customers in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland personally.

In her 20 years at WACKER, the 53-year old has never once contemplated moving jobs to a different employer. Why would she want to? “I’m happy at WACKER and am glad that my contribution is valued,” she says. She intends to stay at WACKER until she retires: “What could top being able to offer my customers the perfect product and first-class service?”