WACKER Square App

WACKER Square App

Your Digital Gateway to the World of WACKER

Everything about our company, our products and applications in just one app


The Simple and Convenient Info Package

Our media app puts brochures, podcasts and videos from the world of WACKER at your fingertips. The app is your digital media center - intuitive to use, with a personalized selection of media, and always available, whether you are online or offline. Put together your own favorite media items for access at any time.

You can also annotate PDFs (by hand, if you want) and share them by email or Messenger. In this way, you can keep your conversations with customers or colleagues fully digital and organized.

And if you have trouble finding a particular media item, just use the keyword search function.

WACKER Magazine joins WACKER Square App

Our inspiring corporate magazine is now also available as a digital alternative via WACKER Square. Take advantage of the app’s numerous features. Thanks to text-editing functions, you can easily comment on articles or share them with your colleagues or peers. And should lack of internet coverage be of concern while on the go – don’t worry. All recent issues are available as complete downloads or individual articles.

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WACKER Square App

Download the WACKER Square app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

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The Functions in Detail

  • Find what you’re looking for: media overviews and individual media items, structured by product group, industry and “About WACKER”
  • Use the regional filter to find the local media that are relevant to your market.
  • Put together your own media favorites in MySquare.
  • Wherever you happen to be: all the content is available online.
  • Add notes, comments and annotations directly to the PDF document (brochures).
  • Order brochures and flyers for delivery to your door or office – with MyOrders
  • All media completely up to date: you can always find the latest edition in WACKER Square.
  • Use the bookmark function to save a shortcut to particular areas.
  • Collaborate with colleagues using the media sharing function.
  • Easily find what you are looking for using the keyword search.
  • The app speaks English, Chinese, German and Korean.
  • Use the built-in QR scanner to open available QR codes or gain direct access to our WACKER ACADEMY seminar materials:
  • The link to the WACKER Square AR augmented reality app opens up unimagined vistas.

The app offers you yet another exciting feature: WACKER Square AR


Networking the Real and Digital Worlds

Use the optional WACKER Square AR app to enhance WACKER Square with an augmented reality function, and give it a new dimension. Enter into a whole new world of extraordinary chemistry.

Online or offline, virtual and real worlds are melted together by augmented reality in a breathtaking way. Where you see the [AR+] symbol in our brochures and flyers, you can use the Square AR app to access additional digital content. Use the cross references on our internet page or links back to WACKER Square as a quick and convenient way to obtain additional information about our products. Experience and understand WACKER – it couldn’t be easier!

Discover the World of WACKER through Augmented Reality

It’s so Easy:

The WACKER Square AR app uses image recognition via the camera of your smartphone or tablet to identify markers in our print publications, and specially prepared AR media - identified via the [AR+] icon.

Our small WACKER Square AR clip here gives you an idea of what possibilites are available.

The Functions of WACKER Square AR in Detail

  • The app turns the camera of your smartphone or tablet into an AR camera.
  • All in One Place The direct link takes you immediately to the media in your WACKER Square App that ideally complements the AR content you have just viewed. The enables you to learn much more about the subject directly within the app.
  • Quicklinks to www.wacker.com give you immediate access to extensive additional information at any time.
  • 3D animations, videos and sounds in the context of AR give you fascinating insights into the world of WACKER. Why not give it a try!

The WACKER Calendar in Augmented Reality

You can find exciting additional content via augmented reality in our WACKER calendars for 2019 and 2018.

iPhone Users, Please Note!

WACKER now offers a diverse range of stickers, emojis and smileys for iPhone Messenger to liven up any chat. Whether with the cautious gas flame, the funny chemistry professor or the confused flask – the new WACKER Square stickers add wit and personality to your messages


How to Find the Stickers

iPhone users can enjoy new WACKER Square stickers that automatically become available in iMessage after installing the WACKER Square app.

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WACKER Square App

Download the WACKER Square app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

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