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The WACKER ACADEMY Team of Instructors

Theoretical expertise and practical experience are the cornerstones of the WACKER ACADEMY team. With backgrounds in sales or technology, our experts come to the table with extensive application knowledge. They are also trained instructors and moderators with a sixth sense for current trends and market developments.

Instructors for Pharmaceuticals

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Markus Barth

Markus Barth, PhD, is Head of Production for the Halle facility of Wacker Biotech. Markus is a trained bioengineer and biochemist. Within more than 7 years he has gained significant experience in the large-scale production under GMP conditions of various biopharmaceuticals using mammalian cells and bacteria.

Gerardo Bautista

Gerardo is a chemical engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering (with Bioengineering as a focus). He has more than 7 years’ chemical-industry experience of technical sales for industrial applications, personal care, the household sector and now construction. He joined WACKER in 2015 as sales manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Gerardo provides support to construction customers in the following markets: paints, coatings, maintenance and general construction. Also, he has participated as a speaker for associations such as Mexico’s ANAFAPYT (representing paint and printing ink manufacturers), where WACKER has a presence.

Dr. Ovidiu Feier-Iova

Dr. Ovidiu Feier-Iova: after completing his degree in chemistry and his doctoral thesis in organometallic chemistry at Heidelberg University, he occupied various posts at KAO Germany GmbH. Having previously worked as head of Research and Development at KMP Printtechnik AG, he has been working as technical manager and laboratory manager in WACKER’s Personal Care Applications sector since 2016. He is also the Technical Champion for WACKER Personal Care Applications in the EMEA region.

Guillermo Lopez

Guillermo is the sales manager for Mexico at the Performance Materials business unit. He has had two periods of employment at WACKER, initially from 1988 to 1992 and then from 2000. He has more than 36 years’ experience of the chemical industry, mainly with epoxy resins, polyurethanes, plastisol and release agents based on silicone fluids. At WACKER, Guillermo has been responsible for elastomers, pyrogenic silica, sealants, silanes and fluids, plastics, textiles, defoamers and industrial coating resins. Earlier, he worked for Hysol de Mexico, a company focused on epoxy resin compounds. He has a Chemical Engineering degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Isaac Mina

Isaac joined WACKER in 2019 as regional sales manager for the gum, food and pharma/agro businesses. Previously he worked for Owens Corning and Mexichem (among others) in multiple areas (including the medical, wire/cable, construction and oil/gas sectors). He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico.

Marco Wolf

Marco Wolf is Wacker Biotech GmbH's Head of Production for the Jena site. Marco is a trained biotechnology engineer and completed the qualification of Master of Business Administration. He has more than 13 years of experience in the large-scale production of various biopharmaceuticals under GMP conditions.

Seminars for Pharmaceuticals

Your success is our goal! Benefit from our comprehensive expertise and let WACKER ACADEMY seminars inspire you with our unique combination of theory and practice.

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