Corona Pandemic: WACKER to Hold Virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in 2022 to Protect Participants’ Health

Munich, Dec 09, 2021

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Wacker Chemie AG has decided to hold next year’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for May 20, 2022, as a virtual event without the physical presence of its shareholders or their proxies. The chemical company’s Supervisory Board approved an Executive Board resolution to that effect yesterday.

WACKER’s decision is based on a legal provision that allows virtual-only shareholders’ meetings in view of future pandemic-related meeting restrictions. In early September, the German Bundestag had extended until end of August 2022 the option to hold Annual Shareholders’ Meetings virtually, which was already in effect for this year.

“WACKER’s top priority here is the participants’ health,” explains CEO Christian Hartel. “The latest wave of the pandemic is in full swing. In addition, there are novel corona virus mutations, which we cannot foresee at the moment how they will impact infection numbers. As it is currently not clear under what conditions large events requiring attendance can be held next year, we decided to go for a virtual Annual Shareholder’s Meeting in 2022,” adds Hartel.

WACKER will publish its invitation to the virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in due course.


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