Currently, the VINNECO® portfolio focuses on vinyl acetate-ethylene dispersions for architectural coatings (e.g. interior wall paints).

VINNECO® is WACKER’s brand of vinyl acetate co- and terpolymers produced using renewable resources. Committed to provide sustainable solutions for our customers, we support two major approaches:

Biomass Balance

These VINNECO® grades are identical to their VINNAPAS® parent grades. This makes them drop-in solutions requiring no reformulation by customers. It also means that the bio content is not detectable in the final product. Proof is available via certification.

Dedicated Production

These VINNECO® grades have a new chemistry requiring reformulation by customers. The bio content is detectable in the final product.

Logo of WACKER’s biomass balance method

WACKER uses acetic acid that is generated from wood from sustainably managed forests that are PEFC® certified. This bio-based acetic acid is added right at the start of the production. The biomass balance method is used to calculate how much VAE dispersion has been produced from renewable and, thus, non-fossil raw materials. TÜV SÜD, the international technical inspectorate and certification body, has certified WACKER’s biomass balance method as meeting its international CMS 71 standard. The bio-based acetic acid has all the characteristics of a fossil-based high-quality product in terms of required specification.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Renewable content available at 60% and 100% based on solids
  • Product performance identical to non-biomass VINNAPAS® parent grade
  • No reformulation necessary
  • Certification via TÜV SÜD standard CMS 71 “Renewable Resources"
  • Available for dispersions and solid resins produced at the European production sites
  • Available for products used in architectural coatings, adhesives, engineered fabrics non-wovens as well as carpet applications.

C2 Value Stream Allows Biomass-Based Sourcing of VAM

With the biomass balance approach the renewable content in the endproduct is not measurable via isotope analysis. It is certified by TÜV Süd, one of the largest certification agencies in Europe with over 150 years of experience and more than 1,000 locations worldwide.

Logo of WACKER’s dedicated production method

To offer VINNECO® VAE-based binders with measurable renewable content, WACKER joined forces with DYNAPLAK. The Dutch company develops and produces modified starch for industrial applications. The starch sources from industrial waste stream and was used to develop hybrid binders consisting of VAE and starch for paints and coatings applications. These VINNECO® grades are new products with new properties that require reformulation by customers.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Contains modified starch obtained as a side-stream product of industrial potato processing
  • Bio content approx. 30% based on solids
  • Measurable via isotope analysis

Certification of bio-based content possible for example via VINÇOTTE under EN 16785-1

Incorporation of Bio-Material Downstream Allows for Measurable Renewable Content in the Final Product

VINNECO® starch hybrid grades have a 14C detectable biomass content. They have different properties than their VINNAPAS® parent grades and require a reformulation of the end product.