Baking Tray Coatings

Innovative silicone coatings offer a number of advantages over conventional coating methods that rely on the use vegetable oils or fats. These include not only faster processes but also an improved quality of the baked goods.

Coatings for metal baking tins and trays profit from the customized silicones resins (SILRES®) and silicone elastomers (ELASTOSIL®) series of WACKER.

Compared to other coating materials, ELASTOSIL® coatings not only have excellent release properties, but also effective anti-slip characteristics. This provides competitive advantages, particularly during transport in fully automated baking lines because our silicones keep the goods in the correct place.

Molds coated with SILRES® silicone-resin are well-suited for cake batters and cookie doughs, including those containing large amounts of sugar, fats and/or eggs. We recommend that molds with resin coatings be lightly greased to achieve optimum release results.


  • Excellent heat stability
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Reduction in the use of additional release agents such as fats and oils
  • Rapid removal of baked goods without damage
  • Simple and fast in-process cleaning of the bakeware
  • Uniform heat transfer during baking
  • Reduction of burnt residues and carbonized fat
  • Compliance with statutory regulations pertaining to food according to the BfR and FDA
  • Bakeware can be coated using all standard coating methods (brushing, dipping, spraying)
  • Removable coating