Making Molds & Prototypes

With state-of-the-art moldmaking compounds, WACKER offers the automotive & transportation industry a completely novel, efficient and economic solution to its needs. WACKER silicones allow for cost-effective production at every stage, from tire mold production, through prototype molding, to reusable vacuum bags.


  • High reproduction accuracy
  • Ease of processing
  • High mechanical strength


  • Tire mold production (copy of CAD master / new design studies)
  • Interior trim, e.g. steering wheels and leather dashboards

ELASTOSIL® M silicone rubber grades are some of the highest quality, most technically advanced materials used in vacuum casting. The properties of pourable, addition-curing RTV ELASTOSIL® M silicone rubber have been specially tailored to the needs of vacuum casting for rapid prototyping and small-series production.


  • Good flow
  • Fast, shrink-free curing at room temperature, which can be greatly accelerated by heating
  • High transparency
  • High tear resistance
  • Outstanding long-term stability of the cured rubber’s mechanical properties
  • Excellent resistance to casting resins and polyamide


  • Visualization models
  • Working models
  • Pre-series models
  • Wax models
  • Small series