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First eco silicone fluid for cosmetics

BELSIL® eco is manufactured with certified biomethanol

BELSIL® eco is WACKER’s first silicone fluid for cosmetic applications manufactured exclusively with silicon and renewable raw materials. WACKER is currently the only manufacturer in the world offering silicone products of this kind.

The new BELSIL® eco range currently comprises six silicone fluids. They are linear, unmodified polydimethylsiloxanes (dimethicones) with outstanding low surface tension and good spreading properties. These products cover a particularly crucial viscosity range in cosmetics between 5 and 60,000 centistokes (mm²/s) and are therefore suitable for formulating moisturizing creams, lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic preparations.

Every BELSIL® eco product has a silicone fluid counterpart produced with petrochemical-based methanol. Chemically speaking, both products have the same raw material base and the same properties. This means that conventional silicone fluids can easily be replaced with corresponding BELSIL® eco products. Technical modifications or formulation adjustments are not necessary.

“The demand for cosmetics produced with a view to preserving natural resources is rising steadily.”

Dr. Robert Gnann, head of WACKER SILICONES

BELSIL® eco silicone fluids

BELSIL® eco silicone fluids: the suffix “eco” indicates that this WACKER product was made from only silicon and renewable raw materials.

“With our new product line, we are excellently placed to meet this demand. For BELSIL® eco, we use certified biomethanol produced exclusively from plant waste such as straw or grass cuttings,” says Gnann.

Since biomethanol is produced solely from renewable raw materials, the carbon footprint of BELSIL® eco products is far better than that of silicone fluids based on fossil raw materials. The process is certified in accordance with TÜV SÜD standard CMS 71.