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A silky business shirt or a fleecy, cuddly jumper: how comfortable we feel in our clothes is not just dependent on how they look. Wearing comfort is also essential. WACKER silicones make textiles soft and fleecy, silky smooth and, where necessary, absorbent or water-repellent. And the best thing is: thanks to our sustainable fabric softeners WETSOFT® eco and WACKER® FINISH eco, such wonderful wearing comfort can now be enjoyed with a clean conscience.

Soft, softer, softener

The softer and silkier a textile feels, the higher our perception of its quality is. This is why manufacturers have been using functional silicone fluids for many years as softeners for fibers, yarns and fabrics. By attaching themselves to the fiber surface and reducing friction between fibers, they make the treated textiles feel comfortably soft while significantly improving their care, wearing and processing properties.

Because of the extremely strong bonding of silicone segments with the fiber surfaces, these properties are retained even after repeated washing. The desired softness can be individually steered via the quantity of softener used.


Three functional silicone fluids are available for the first time from WACKER as “eco” products: WETSOFT® eco LV 810, WACKER®FINISH eco WR  1100 LV and WACKER® FINISH eco WR 1300 LV. The difference between these and conventional products? Instead of using fossil methanol during the manufacturing process, we exclusively use certified biomethanol produced from hay, grass cuttings or other plant residues

Chemically identical

The chemical structure and product properties of these eco products are identical to those of fossil-based fabric softeners. For formulating ready-to-use textile auxiliaries, our eco products are emulsified in water and mixed with other active substances, just like standard grades. They can be applied by padding or exhausting as usual.

Continuously monitored and certified

WACKER has adopted the certified mass balance approach for replacing the methanol obtained from fossil sources. It records the balance of biomethanol in its mix and mathematically allocates a portion of this to individual silicone products in proportion to the quantity of methanol used – an approach comparable to the green electricity certification system used in Germany. Both the manufacturing process and the use of biogenic raw materials are certified and annually checked by TÜV Nord according to the REDcert2 standard.

Good for the Climate and Resources: WETSOFT® eco and WACKER® FINISH eco

WETSOFT® eco LV 810

Makes textiles soft, fleecy and silky, retains the absorbency of textiles (e.g. cotton) or improves it in water-repellent textiles (e.g. polyester), enables unhindered moisture transport in the textile fabric and is particularly suitable for fleece products, terry goods, underwear and T-shirts.


Imbues textiles with a very soft, flowing and elastic feel, offers some protection against moisture and staining, is ideal for trousers, shirts or tabletop products, and is particularly suitable for synthetic or blended fabrics.


Has the same properties as WACKER® FINISH eco WR 1100 LV and is particularly suitable for rayon and natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

WETSOFT® eco and WACKER® FINISH eco: Our Ingredients for Your Sustainability Strategy

An ecological realignment, using the same processes and formulations

WETSOFT® eco and WACKER® FINISH eco are our ecological counterparts to our conventional products WETSOFT® and WACKER® FINISH. They are chemically identical and offer exactly the same product properties. So you can continue to use your usual processes without needing to invest in new technologies, workflows or formulations.

Making an active contribution to a sustainable future

By opting for WETSOFT® eco and WACKER® FINISH eco, you are helping achieve several of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. You’ll be combating climate change, conserving precious resources and looking out for future generations.

Do You Want to Know More about WACKER Silicones for Textile Processing?

WACKER offers a comprehensive product portfolio for enhancing all types of textiles. In addition to softness and hydrophilic properties, performance properties such as flame retardancy, abrasion resistance and washability can be individually influenced.

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