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Chemistry to Combat Water

Water is a force to be reckoned with. Exposure to damp causes deterioration in all mineral construction materials, such as concrete, brick, stucco and plaster. The experts at WACKER have developed innovative solutions that meet the challenge of protecting buildings and other structures against the corrosive effects of water.

Polymer Binders: Bringing the Best Together
Polymer binders enhance many properties of mineral construction materials, hydrophobicity being one. Vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE)-based polymers are especially effective. They improve the resistance of mortars to penetration by CO2 and harmful substances, such as road salt.

One waterproofing application of polymer binders is waterproofing membranes (WPM). Modified with VINNAPAS® polymer binders, they form a reliable barrier against water, whether in buildings (e.g. bathrooms, balconies or basements) or other structures (such as sewers, canals or swimming pools). The polymer binder provides a high-performance combination of adhesion and flexibility. This means the membrane only needs to be a few millimeters thick to provide optimal protection.

VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders and dispersions are continually optimized to improve the properties of waterproofing membranes. Discover one of the broadest and most innovative portfolio on the market here:

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Silicone Resins: The Smallest Umbrella in the World
Silicone resins protect mineral surfaces against water without affecting their water vapor permeability. They do so reliably and for a very long time. The reason is the silicone resin network.

WACKER offers a broad range of silicone resins. Find out all product details here:

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