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Invisible Companions

VINNOL® surface coating resins accompany us everywhere we go in our daily lives, whether you are enjoying a coffee with your breakfast, working at your computer or paying by credit card, relaxing on the sofa, or on the road. See for yourself the many areas in which VINNOL® surface-coating resins enrich your day-to-day life.

More Convenience with VINNOL®

From coffee capsules to screw caps, from food cans to film packaging: In many food packaging applications, VINNOL® surface coating resins ensure unfettered pleasure. As a component of wood coatings, they also protect sensitive surfaces.

Liven Up Products with VINNOL®

Whether in chip bags or chocolate papers, coated wood furniture, synthetic leather or gift packaging: VINNOL® is integral to much that has enriched our lives. Including wall coverings, which set the right mood.

Doing Business with VINNOL®

Business life would also be unthinkable without VINNOL® surface coating resins: be it in plastic housings for technical equipment, banknotes or credit cards: While, if you want to free your head by playing sports, you will find VINNOL® surface coating resins in a wide variety of sports equipment.

On the Road with VINNOL®

When you’re driving your car, VINNOL® surface coating resins make the journey a pleasure: They can be found in lightweight, resistant materials for interior trim or truck tarps. As components of road signs and markings, they also help keep you safe on the road.

Are you Curious?

Find out more about VINNOL® co- and terpolymers and their properties, as well as the variety of potential applications.

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