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Transport Solutions & Shelf Life

WACKER has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability – in our processes as well as our products. One reason is that we are unafraid to revisit proven standards, and to optimize them as necessary. The focus here is on minimum durability and transport safety

Shelf Life

A Standardized System Creates Greater Transparency and Efficiency

The shelf life of liquid silicone rubber is one of the key factors contributing to a perfect end product. Consequently, it must be clearly and unambiguously stated. And achieving that is the aim of our new shelf life system. In future, we will assure you have a shelf life of at least nine months from receipt of the goods, as a standard feature of all the liquid silicone rubber grades mentioned below.

How Do You Benefit?

No matter what the manufacturing date is, when you placed the order, how long the goods have been in transport or how you schedule your warehousing – the clock starts ticking only when you have taken delivery of the goods. From that moment on, you enjoy a full nine months' guarantee on the product you have ordered. This helps you optimize your stock rotation and strategically plan for further processing and product sales. You no longer need to check the date quoted on the goods, to factor in possible delivery delays, or to perform storage or production costing. In most cases, the goods can be used for significantly longer than nine months without problem.

Transport Safety

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is dispensed into special drums so that it will retain its high quality. Transporting the drums is a separate issue, though. It makes sense that it wouldn’t be easy – the cylindrical drums can slide around, for example, bumping into each other and causing damage. This is where a new, innovative transport solution comes into play – a solution developed by WACKER logistics experts.

What Makes the New Shipping Solution Different?

While we do use a conventional pallet, we cover it with an extra layer of anti-slip paperboard that prevents the two drums from shifting on the pallet and bumping into each other. We also use additional safety straps to hold the drums securely in place during shipment, and place sturdy edge protectors on top of the drums to eliminate the risk of knocks. These also keep the safety straps from cutting into the well-secured pair.

As a result, customers receive the materials in perfect condition. The drums have been fixed very well so far, but they are sometimes slipped on the pallet and beaten together. The result was minor defects on the outside of the barrels. The content is then still without any defect. And that’s what they get with the new transport system – flawless product in flawless drums. Initial testing of the system lasted three months, and during that time no drums were damaged in any way. Effective immediately, WACKER is offering this practical, economical solution for the transportation of all drums that contain liquid silicone rubber grades.