Convincing Look-and-Feel

For product developers, it is a challenge to provide creams and lotions with the right texture and sensory properties. From the appearance on first opening, to the feeling on the skin, the look and feel of a care product determines its market acceptance.

Be it a rich night cream, a pleasant cleansing milk, or a quickly absorbed body lotion – for thickening formulations or achieving a controlled viscosity, silicones and pyrogenic silica from WACKER provide the desired effects.

Silicone waxes, such as BELSIL® CM7026 VP, in turn, provide structure, thickening formulations to provide an optimum balance of consistency and sensory properties.

Product Recommendations

  • BELSIL® CM 7026 VP, INCI: C26-28 Alkyl methicone
  • BELSIL® W 3230, INCI: Bis-stearoxydimethylsilane, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone
More about BELSIL®

The graphic shows the thickening of C12-15 alkyl benzoate: depending on the polarity of a formuation, different HDK® pyrogenic silica grades enable the required thickening effect to be adjusted.