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It All Starts with Two Raw Materials. And Ends in High-Tech Medical Products. What’s in Between? WACKER.

Any child can tell you what sand and coal are. But what most of us don’t see is the enormous potential latent in each. WACKER has spent decades researching and perfecting methods for processing silica sand and carbon. Over the course of numerous intermediate steps, these two raw materials combine to form innovative silicones that support the health and everyday needs of countless people all over the world – and even save lives.

One Solution. Zero Compromises.

Everyday demands in the healthcare sector can vary depending on whether you’re a physician or a patient. Whereas doctors value medical devices that are easy to handle and provide maximum reliability, patients prioritize convenient products they can tolerate well.

In our research, we are constantly developing powerful new silicones for products that have to meet the toughest medical standards. We are particularly drawn to simple, efficient processing properties – thoroughly satisfying our customers with WACKER silicone solutions for medical technology, wound care, orthopedics and prosthetics.

Silicones in Medical Technology – a Glimpse of Tomorrow, Today

SILPURAN® and ELASTOSIL® products from WACKER represent a wide range of silicone solutions for innovative products in everyday medical applications. From ventilator mask to tubing to grips and handles for medical equipment, WACKER silicones bring future-proof high tech to medical technology.

Silicones in medical technology

SILPURAN® Silicone Adhesives – Gentle Protection That Stays in Place

The skin is not only the largest organ in the human body – it is also highly sensitive. Wounds have to heal well in order to restore the skin’s protective function.

Silicone adhesives from WACKER have been pioneers in the field of modern wound care for over 20 years. In addition to satisfying the most stringent medical standards, these products also offer unique processing advantages.

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Silicones in Orthopedics – Improving Quality of Life One Step at a Time

Whether we’re swimming, running or bicycling, we need our knees just about anytime our bodies are in motion. WACKER silicone elastomers are used in a variety of orthopedic products, where they minimize strain on the joints, allowing them to meet the demands placed on them with as little pain as possible.

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Silicones in Prosthetics – Art That Fits Like a Glove

An amputation has a profound impact on a person’s life. RTV-2 silicone rubber compounds from WACKER support a rapid return to mobility and meet patients’ needs for flawless aesthetics, comfort and improved quality of life following surgery.

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