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Silicones in Orthopedics – Improving Quality of Life One Step at a Time

Whether we’re swimming, running or bicycling, we need our knees just about anytime our bodies are in motion. WACKER silicone elastomers are used in a variety of orthopedic products, where they minimize strain on the joints, allowing them to meet the demands placed on them with as little pain as possible.

ELASTOSIL® P and SILPURAN® silicone elastomers from WACKER play a critical role here, not only reliably cushioning shocks and vibrations, but also ensuring that patients will experience the pressure as soft and comfortable. To this end, they combine a variety of hardness levels with good mechanical strength.

Because they are highly reliable, extremely well tolerated, and compatible with a wide range of pigment pastes, these high-performance silicones are the first choice for truss pads, orthotic devices, (shoe) inserts and many other orthopedic products.

WACKER silicone elastomers offer optimum comfort in any life circumstances

Silicones: True Support in a Variety of Applications

Pads for Orthotic Devices and Bandages

Orthotic devices and bandages come into play whenever a joint needs to be guided, stabilized or immobilized. Silicone elastomer products from WACKER unite different degrees of hardness with good mechanical strength, effectively cushion vibrations and make orthotics decidedly more comfortable.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Products

Pressure ulcers – bedsores that develop on the skin of immobile patients – are among the daily challenges faced in German care facilities. SILPURAN® silicones not only allow medical professionals to change wound dressings gently – their breathability also makes them ideal for healing, allowing wounds to close more quickly and improving patient quality of life.

Liners for Greater Comfort

As an interface between a prosthesis and a residual limb, a liner has to fit perfectly if it is to optimize comfort and help keep the residual limb healthy. Silicone elastomers from WACKER optimize the wear properties of liners by making making liner materials softer and more flexible, thereby reducing potential friction and pressure, and noticeably improving quality of life for the wearer.

Interested in Learning More about RTV-2 Silicone Rubber?

RTV-2 silicone rubber products contribute their superior performance to orthopedic technology, where their outstanding properties improve mobility and quality of life.

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