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SILPURAN® Silicone Adhesives – Gentle Protection That Stays in Place

The skin is not only the largest organ in the human body – it is also highly sensitive. Wounds have to heal well in order to restore the skin’s protective function. Silicone adhesives from WACKER have been pioneers in the field of modern wound care for over 20 years. In addition to satisfying the most stringent medical standards, these products also offer unique processing advantages.

Whether treating acute injuries or chronic wounds such as those that arise in diabetes patients, wounds require optimum care if the protective function of the skin is to be restored. SILPURAN® adhesives deliver a range of properties that promote healing. They are breathable and antiallergenic, they protect wounds from external factors such as bacteria and moisture, they come in a variety of strengths and are exceptionally gentle to remove.

Applications for silicone adhesives go well beyond treating wounds and scars, however. The excellent adhesive strength of SILPURAN® silicone gels, for example, make these materials ideally suited for securely applying repositionable wearables or patches for medical or cosmetic purposes.

Wound Care

SILPURAN® adhesives ensure that the adhesive layers of wound dressings and contact layers can be removed from a wound without causing pain or disrupting the healing process. At the same time, they can also be easily repositioned without sacrificing secure adhesion.

A. Wound dressing coated with an acrylate adhesive

B. Wound dressing coated with SILPURAN®

Silicone Adhesives – Excellent Performance Yet Gentle on the Skin

Scar Dressings

Injuries and surgical procedures can leave scars in their wake. A silicone scar dressing keeps the scar soft and has a positive effect on scar tissue, thus significantly improving the appearance of the scar. At the same time, WACKER silicone adhesives keep dressings securely in place while remaining highly flexible.

Holding Wearables in Place

Portable devices for monitoring patients, diagnosing illnesses or administering medications are already making daily life easier for many people. WACKER silicone adhesives reliably hold wearables such as insulin pumps or patient monitoring devices in place. These devices can then be repositioned as needed and gently removed from the skin.

Stoma Care

Artificial openings in the intestinal or urinary tracts still largely remain a taboo subject in our society. Nevertheless, nearly 160,000 people in Germany alone live with a stoma that others cannot see. Silicone adhesives from WACKER not only allow patients to affix the bags to their skin securely and with no leaks – they can also replace these bags easily without causing injury.

Insulin Pumps

A constant yet discreet presence: people with type 1 diabetes often carry a small device on their waistbands that delivers an ongoing supply of insulin through a narrow tube or cannula. Tubeless patch pumps affixed directly to the skin are likewise undetectable. SILPURAN® silicone adhesives hold these life-saving companions reliably in place, despite being gentle to remove and reposition.

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SILPURAN® skin adhesives come in an impressive array of initial tack and bonding strength.

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