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WACKER: Pioneering Spirit - As Much Then as Now

For decades, now, WACKER has dedicated itself to silicone chemistry, honing its weatherproofing skills to perfection. Why? So that paint makers, professional painters and home owners throughout the world won’t have to worry about facade protection for decades.

Innovation is not always easy. Nine out of ten startups fail to survive their first year. According to a study by the Harvard Business School, almost 90 percent of all new products are taken off the market within 12 months of being launched. Innovations come. Innovations go.

But this innovation is still going strong – and has been revolutionizing the weatherproofing of buildings in all shapes and sizes around the world since 1963. So what is the secret behind the success of WACKER silicone resins?

The Network Holds The Key

The resounding success of WACKER silicone resins is based on a brilliant chemical linkage: a stable, three-dimensional network formed by combinations of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) atoms. The strength of the Si-O bond is what makes silicones extremely durable. Consequently, silicone paints retain their water repellency and their water-vapor permeability for a very long time. But the SILRES ® effect goes much further than that.

As a result of the water repellency, the facade offers unparalleled durability, needs renovating less frequently and retains its good looks down the years. And because dry walls also lose less heat, silicone paints also help to cut heating costs and boost energy efficiency.

Milestone In Facade Protection

From new builds to renovations to monument preservation – SILRES ® -based silicone paints lend themselves to all kinds of applications. And not only do they preserve real value, but they also protect the environment.

Dr. Siegfried Nitzsche sets milestones with his research work.

WACKER establishes its silicones division, laying the foundation for the industrial production of silicone products – the first chemical company in Europe to do so.

The patenting of “Aqueous Dispersions of Paints Containing Organopolysiloxanes and Organic Resins” ushers in a new era of sustainable facade protection. This technology would later be marketed under the name SREP ® .

Washable, weatherable “Munich Paint” from WACKER sets out to conquer the world from the Bavarian capital.

The Bugatti chateau in Molsheim/Alsace is just one example of the successful use of silicone resin emulsion paints to preserve historic buildings.

WACKER’s silicone technology is taking the world by storm – with first stops in the key markets of the USA, Japan and Singapore.

Adrian in Michigan/USA is the headquarters of Wacker Chemical Corporation, WACKER’s North American subsidiary.

The establishment of WACKER Silicones Corporation in Michigan/USA and WACKER Asahikasei Silicones near Tokyo/Japan consolidates our leading role in further important markets..

With the founding of “We Help Facades!”, an independent initiative embraced by the industry, WACKER draws the media’s attention to the issue of facade protection.

Thanks to its new additives for interior paints that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), WACKER is already ahead of the sustainability curve.

Silicone resin technology of the highest caliber – thanks to the ongoing pioneering spirit of WACKER and its partners in numerous technical centers around the world.

WACKER: A Strong Partner You Can Rely On

WACKER has captured a large share of the market for silicone products and supplies leading paint makers throughout the world – including the top 10 in Europe. But innovative small and medium-sized companies rely on WACKER too. And for good reason.

Unlike many other producers, WACKER covers its entire supply chain with its own manufacturing plants. From sand to the production of silicone resins and silicone fluids. As a result, we are capable of supplying paint-makers flexibly and reliably with silicone products.

This is a privilege for us – and a decisive advantage for our customers.


Find out more about the entire product portfolio of SILRES ® BS silicone resins.

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