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Paper & Packaging Adhesives

Discover a high-performance VAE dispersion for cost-efficient, sustainable packaging solutions.

Tomorrow’s Chemistry: VAE

Copolymers of vinyl acetate-ethylene (also called VAE or EVA) are ideal polymeric binders for paper & packaging applications. Their special chemistry makes it easy to serve the market drivers in the adhesives industry.

Vinyl acetate is a hard, rigid, hydrophilic polymer. Ethylene is very soft, non-polar and hydrophobic. Together, they make perfect partners for copolymerization. VAE (EVA) copolymers are notable for their excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, great versatility and very low migration potential.

These benefits are provided by the ethylene, which works as an internal plasticizer. This means that the ethylene content can be adjusted to set the softness and permanent flexibility, without the need for additional plasticizers.

VINNAPAS ® EP 706K: A Superior EVA Adhesive

VINNAPAS ® EP 706K is a member of the vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) class of adhesive glues, commonly called EVA glues in Pakistan. The VAE copolymer has a Tg of approximately 0 °C, very good filler and pigment capacity and is stabilized with PVOH.

Its main properties include very good cohesion as well as excellent paper-to-paper and paper-to-plastic adhesion. Like all our VINNAPAS ® VAE dispersions, it is produced without the use of formaldehyde donors.

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VINNAPAS ® EP 706K enables you to formulate a varied range of high-performance waterborne adhesives (vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE), commonly called EVA glue in Pakistan) with just one VAE emulsion.

High Formulation Freedom

VINNAPAS ® EP 706K provides formulators with wide formulating latitude. It is compatible with polyvinyl acetate polymers, VCL dispersions and other VINNAPAS ® VAE dispersions. It is also compatible with an assortment of resins, solvents, plasticizers and other modifiers. You can therefore use it to formulate a wide range of paper packaging adhesives.

Simple Formulations, Easy to Adapt

Homopolymers typically contain at least plasticizer, filler, PVOH, water, and further additives for stabilization, such as dispersing agents, surfactants, and defoamer. In particular, they have to contain from 3 to 15 % plasticizer for film formation and flexibility. With VINNAPAS ® EP 706K, there is very little formulating involved. Only a few ingredients are needed for adjusting properties. You can adjust the viscosity by dilution, extend the open time with PVOH or glycerol, increase the setting speed with boric acid and, for economy solutions, add plasticizers to lower the solids content. This reduces the number of other ingredients you need to store or mix.

Wide Processing Range

All VINNAPAS ® dispersions stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) have the right rheology for a wide range of application methods (e.g. roller and nozzle application).

VINNAPAS ® EP 706K is ideal for formulating adhesives for

  • Folded boxes
  • Bags, sacks and envelopes
  • Flat lamination (“litho lamination“)
  • Core winding
  • Corrugated board / honeycomb
  • Bookbinding

Today, paper packaging adhesives are required to glue a lot more than paper. Homopolymers adhere well to cellulose, but not to much else.

However, VINNAPAS® EP 706K adheres to a wide range of substrates and is therefore predestined for modern packaging solutions.

Food packaging is one of the most important market sectors for paper packaging adhesives:

  • compliance with relevant FDA regulations

Safe for Users

Thanks to its copolymer composition, there is no need for you to use plasticizers or film-forming agents when formulating with VINNAPAS® EP 706K. This means that adhesives formulated with VINNAPAS® EP 706K do not compromise on performance.

What’s more, EP 706K is produced without the use of APEOs. As a result, adhesives based on VINNAPAS ® EP 706K comply with 21 CFR 175.105.

Safe for Goods

Food packaging needs to protect food. Not only are specialist paper solutions needed, but they also have to be firmly glued together. VINNAPAS® EP 706K adheres strongly to both paper and certain paper-to-plastic applications, e.g. packaging with transparent windows.

VINNAPAS®  EP 706K is easy to formulate and does not require additional ingredients or raw materials, such as plasticizers and dispersing agents.

It is ideal for roller or nozzle application, which will save material and time compared with manual application.

You can adjust the viscosity of VINNAPAS® EP 706K to suit individual machines. When used in the right viscosity, it does not clog up the machines and so they can be cleaned easily. Since it sets very quickly when applied to a surface, VINNAPAS® EP 706K can be used in high-speed machines.

WACKER is a Germany-based pioneer in polymer dispersions and VAE technology with a strong tradition in the global adhesives market. The WACKER ACADEMY holds seminars and trainings on paper packaging adhesives in Pakistan.

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