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Pleasant Texture and Sensory Properties

Among the most challenging tasks facing a formulator is to create cosmetic products having the right texture and sensory properties. From the appearance on first opening, to the feeling on the skin, the consistency of a make-up product is crucial to its market acceptance.

To thicken your formulations or provide your creams and powders with controlled viscosity or flow properties, you can achieve the desired effects with silicones and pyrogenic silica from WACKER.

Silicone waxes, such as BELSIL® CM7026 VP, as thickening components, provide an optimum balance of consistency and sensory properties.

Product Recommendations

  • BELSIL® CM 7026 VP, INCI: C26-28 alkyl methicone
  • BELSIL® W 3230, INCI: Bis-stearoxydimethylsilane, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone
More about BELSIL®

HDK® pyrogenic silica is available in various polarities for perfect fine tuning of the viscosity. Stabilize the viscosity of tinted day creams and foundations, and modify the flow properties of your powders.

Product Recommendations

  • HDK® N 20 und HDK® T 30, INCI: Silica
  • HDK® H 15 und HDK® H 30, INCI: Silica dimethyl silylate
  • HDK® H 2000, INCI: Silica silylate

The graph shows an example of thickening of alkyl benzoate C12-15: Different pyrogenic silica HDK® grades produce different viscosity effects, depending on the polarity.