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A Good Nose for Trends

Interior paints - where fashion and function meet.
At WACKER's labs we are constantly working on new and exciting solutions.

Trend #1: Painting by Numbers

Pantone Living Coral #16-1546 is the color of the year 2019. According to Pantone, this “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone (...) energizes and enlivens with a softer edge". To show off this particular tone at its best in glossy and flat paints – year after year – we have optimized the binding power, gloss and blocking behavior of our VINNAPAS® VAE and PRIMIS® specialty dispersions.

Trend #2: Refreshingly Odorless

A great interior paint should appeal to all your senses, except smell. In fact, the paints and construction industry has been working hard for decades to reduce the content of solvents, plasticizers and other volatile organic components that are responsible for the typical smell of fresh paint. Today, it is possible to formulate interior paints with VOC levels of less than 1 g/l, ensuring healthy indoor living environments and with literally no odor at all. Vinyl acetate-ethylene dispersions are a driver in this development, reducing the need for organic coalescing agents and odor without compromising performance. The secret lies in the polymer composition and the resulting unique physical properties.

Making VOC a Thing of the Past

Blossom-Scented Walls

Water-based low-VOC paints containing VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions can be formulated with no inherent odor. Alternatively, with CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins, it is possible to add natural essential oils that are released from the paint under humid conditions. A side benefit is that: CAVAMAX® Geraniol emits a pleasant fragrance, while keeping insects like mosquitoes or flies at bay.

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Trend #3: Live Simple, Not Plain

“Life is complicated.” This simple phrase gets many millions of hits in Google. No wonder that in today’s complex world, “convenience” has become a megatrend. People long for solutions that are beautiful, simple and sustainable. For interior paints, stain resistance and easy-to-clean properties provide convenience and save valuable time and resources. PRIMIS® SAF 9000 helps paints achieve these properties. The novel waterborne dispersion is both oil-resistant and hydrophobic, meaning it resists both oil-based and water-based stains. It can be added as a co-binder or even used as sole binder in easy-to-clean formulations. PRIMIS® SAF 9000 is especially compatible with VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions – making low odor, highly scratch resistant, color intense and easy-to-clean interior paints readily available.

Trend #4: Go Glocal!

All business is local. That is why we have established sales offices and technical centers around the world. Our local experts understand the different needs and challenges of regional markets. So much in fact, that they have developed regional binder solutions targeted to solve specific demands in specific markets.

Our Products for Interior Paints

VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer dispersions stand out due to their attractive combination of environmental benefits, high performance and excellent cost-in-use-ratio. For detailed information about our product portfolio for interior paints click below.

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