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Injection Molding with Non-Postcuring ELASTOSIL ® LR 5040

Articles made from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) must be postcured if they are intended for sensitive applications such as babycare products, food contact and medical technology. One of LSR’s key advantages is that it can be mass-produced in a highly precise, automated injection-molding process.

ELASTOSIL ® LR 5040 is a series of fast-curing LSR grades that have excellent properties after curing – even without postcuring. Since no thermal post-treatment is required, production saves time and energy, which makes it more cost-efficient.

WACKER was at the K 2019 tradeshow, where the company partnered with KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, ACH Solution GmbH and AVR Tech Innovations GmbH for a live demonstration of injection molding using the new ELASTOSIL ® LR 5040 series. Rubber goods manufactured from these new grades already meet strict regulatory requirements for sensitive applications.

Lids for reusable cups are one of many possible applications for LSRs in the food sector. Silicone rubber easily withstands UV, heat and steam, allowing reusable lids made from this material to be cleaned in dishwashers. At K 2019, coffee cup lids made of ELASTOSIL ® LR 5040 were injection-molded in a wholly automated process. This was a great way to demonstrate the material’s impressive potential on this equipment. Visitors were happy for a practical product that was both ready-to-use and reusable, and therefore reflected their interest in sustainability.

We hope to encourage production of multi-use systems for coffee cup lids and to make considerable progress toward our goal of minimizing our environmental impact by eliminating waste.