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Absolutely on Trend – HDK® NUTRITION for Vegan Foods

Paleo, super foods oder low carb? More and more people are taking a critical look at their diet. Consequently, new food trends are appearing continually. And many of them swiftly fade away again. Others, though, are having a lasting impact on our dietary habits. First and foremost among these is the vegan lifestyle, as many people opt to cut animal products out of their diets altogether.

We are seeing a veritable boom in vegan diets, as the number of vegans and vegetarians increases. Even those who are not exclusively vegetarians or vegans are also reducing their meat consumption and turning more and more to vegan foods. So, with HDK® N20 NUTRITION, WACKER is absolutely on trend in offering a high-quality certified product for preparing vegan foods.

Why Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle?

There are various reasons for turning to a vegan diet - ranging from animal welfare and health, through to religion. But one thing is clear: future topics such as sustainability and environmental protection are playing a major role.

The Number of Vegans Is Growing

Since 2010, the number of vegans in Germany has been growing at a rate of 15 percent annually. Currently there are around 1.3 million - and around 8 million vegetarians. The number of vegetarians and vegans worldwide is estimated at 1 billion.

V-Labels are Gaining in Popularity

Consumers want transparency –diet-conscious people are careful to read the list of ingredients and take an active interest in their food. An important quality seal for this is the V-label. It is carried by over 8,000 products in Germany, even though there are no legal labeling requirements for vegan foods.

Sales are growing and future prospects are highly promising

Vegetarian and vegan foods have seen growing sales for years In Germany, sales more than doubled between 2010 and 2015. And the forecasts are more than optimistic. According to studies, vegan “meat products” alone will achieve sales of US$ 120 billion by 2025, and as much as US$ 450 billion by 2040. With HDK® NUTRITION for vegan foods WACKER is thus absolutely operating in a growth market.

Vegan? Why not?

A vegan diet is no longer a niche phenomenon: in 2010, just three vegan cookbooks were published, while now hundreds appear every year. And the range of vegan eateries in Germany is growing just as steadily. There are currently 250 purely vegan restaurants.

HDK® NUTRITION: Perfect for Vegan Foods

The vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular worldwide and demand for purely plant-based products is growing. The food industry is responding of course, and the range of vegan and vegan-labeled foods is expanding continually.

From spice mixtures through instant beverages to ready meals - with HDK® N20 NUTRITION, WACKER offers a certified additive for high-quality and purely vegan food production.

Certified vegan: HDK® N20 NUTRITION from WACKER

Safe, pure and vegan: in 2019, the renowned Fresenius Institute confirmed the suitability of HDK® N20 NUTRITION for further use for manufacturing vegan foods.

HDK® NUTRITION is also certified according to halal and kosher regulations.

Link to certificate for HDK® N20 NUTRITION

HDK® NUTRITION – The Purity Makes the Difference

With HDK® NUTRITION, WACKER offers a complete solution for many challenges in the food industry. WACKER supplies an ultrapure product, virtually completely free of moisture and soluble salts, in constant quality. Each batch meets the highest standards of vegan food production. HDK® N20 NUTRITION is the ideal additive for improving and maintaining the free flow of powders, and for precise control of rheology in liquid products and formulations.

Free Flow for Seasonings & Co.

As a food additive, HDK® NUTRITION improves the flow of food powders, such as salt or seasonings and can be used for the most demanding free-flow applications.

HDK® NUTRITION is also suitable for use in soft organic powders, preserving their non-clumping, dry consistency during storage. This pyrogenic silica also features high moisture absorption and is therefore suitable for use in moist or hygroscopic powders.

Ideal for Liquid Foods

Delicacies from the grill or a crispy croissant from the bakery - WACKER can help here, too. HDK® N20 NUTRITION is outstanding in providing precise rheology control in liquid foods and as a thixotropy agent in oil-based pan and cooking sprays.

In marinades, oils or other liquid foods,too, product properties are not altered, but even improved - and your foods remain 100 percent vegan!

Free Flow – For Your Production, Too

HDK® NUTRITION not only optimizes your vegan products, but also your production process: far less dust is generated when grinding the raw materials. Clumping and sticking to the mill wall are prevented This results in lower cleaning costs, reduced downtimes and therefore higher productivity.

HDK® NUTRITION at a Glance

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