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Versatile HDK®

HDK® pyrogenic silica is truly multitalented. With its different modes of action, it is used in many different applications: It improves the flow of powder-form pharmaceuticals and foods, modifies the flow of printer toner and controls the viscosity, rheological behavior and thixotropy of paints and varnishes. How does it do it? See for yourself. The following videos illustrate the different modes of operation using vivid experiments.

Pouring without Clumping

HDK® serves as a high-purity flow-aid and anti-caking agent in powder-form pharmaceuticals and foods, such as salt or powdered spices and seasonings.. This effect is clearly illustrated by a comparative test.

Flow Behavior - Perfectly Adjusted

HDK® is added to adjust the flow properties of, e.g., paints or varnishes. The doctor-blade test demonstrates the effect at different concentrations.

Shake the can to make it runny

Why do paints become thinner when you shake them? HDK® is the key: it controls the thickening of liquids, for example paints and varnishes. This results in paints that are easy to apply and dry without curtaining.

Dispersions - Is the quality right?

The dispersion quality determines how HDK® affects the rheology. It is determined by means of a Grindometer: in a high quality dispersion, no HDK® particles are visible on the Grindometer.

Find out more about HDK® from WACKER.

WACKER offers a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophilic HDK® grades and HDK® dispersions for all kinds of applications. You will find more details in our product section.

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