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The First Binders To Be Based On Renewable Resources

Silicone release coatings from WACKER are part of our everyday lives Without them, you wouldn’t be able to peel a sticker from its liner or remove cookies from baking paper. They are also indispensable in the automotive industry and on building sites. But wait till you read this: With immediate effect, the popular silicone release coatings from WACKER are now also available in a resource-efficient variant. Their name: DEHESIVE® eco

A Sustainable Replacement for a Key Raw Material

We used to obtain the methanol for the production process from fossil sources. Now every last drop of it comes from biomethanol obtained from straw and grass cuttings.

DEHESIVE® eco is the first silicone release agent system in the world to be produced from sustainably produced methanol.

Continuously Monitored And Certified

WACKER adopts the certified biomass balance approach to replacing the methanol obtained from fossil sources. It records the balance of biomethanol in its mix and mathematically allocates a portion of this to individual silicone products in proportion to the quantity of methanol used – an approach comparable to the green electricity certification system used in Germany. Both the production process and the use of biogenic raw materials are monitored by the TÜV Nord technical inspectorate.

DEHESIVE® eco – The Perfect Partner For Your Sustainability Strategy

An Ecological Realignment – Using the Same Processes and Formulations

DEHESIVE® eco and classic DEHESIVE® are chemically identical. You won’t have to make any changes to established processes. What’s more, you’ll still have all the DEHESIVE® advantages that you had before.

Make an Active Contribution to a Sustainable Future

By opting for DEHESIVE® eco, you’ll be helping to achieve several of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. You’ll be combating climate change, conserving precious resources and looking out for future generations.

Discover The DEHESIVE® eco Sustainability Principle

Want To Know More About DEHESIVE® Silicones?

For more than 30 years, DEHESIVE® products have been synonymous all over the world with silicone release coatings for paper and film. DEHESIVE® silicones set standards in versatility, ease of processing and economy.

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