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SILFOAM® – Brings Foam under Control

Excessive foaming not only causes washing machines to overflow. Because foam reduces friction between individual laundry items, it also prevents your laundry from getting truly clean. New SILFOAM® products allow manufacturers to formulate laundry detergents that do a more effective job of controlling foam. Let our product developers give you look behind the scenes. As one of the most research-intensive chemical companies in the world, we regularly add new defoaming agents to our portfolio for detergent and cleaning agent manufacturers.

WACKER – Your Specialist for Full Detergent Performance

WACKER is one of the world’s leading providers of silicone defoamers. At WACKER you will find a broad portfolio of antifoam compounds, self-dispersing products, antifoam powders and emulsions.

Regardless of whether you are interested in foam control in liquid detergents, powder detergents or cleaning agents or whether you would like to use defoaming agents as processing aids – the SILFOAM® portfolio from WACKER is likely to have the right defoamer for your every need.

Maximize Performance with Low-Viscosity SILFOAM® SC 125 Defoaming Compound

Our popular SILFOAM® SC 124 defoaming compound now has a successor: SILFOAM® SC 125.

Like its predecessor, SILFOAM® SC 125 does an excellent job of controlling foam in the washing machine. Its relatively low viscosity of approx. 4,000 mPas makes this defoaming compound extremely well suited to spray applications. It can also be used for slurry deaeration in the production of powdered detergents.

Comparison to SILFOAM® SC 124 in the Washing Machine Test

When used in equal amounts, SILFOAM® SC 125 does a better job of controlling foam than its predecessor.

The height of the foam correlates to the amount of foam that can be seen in the front window of the washing machine (see photo from the WACKER test laboratory).

Experimental design:

  • Instrument: MIELE Softtronic W1935
  • Temperature: 40 °C / 3 °GH
  • Dosage: 130 g of test detergent ECE-2
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SILFOAM® SD 8261 – a Highly Compatible Defoaming Agent for Liquid Detergents

Far more compatible than SILFOAM® SD 168, the new silicone-based defoaming agent is particularly easy to incorporate into liquid detergents. The product was specially developed to meet the needs of Middle Eastern and African countries. Not only is this defoamer hallmarked by outstanding compatibility – it is also highly stable when stored at elevated temperatures.

Washing Machine Test in Liquid Detergent Following Storage at 40 °C

The new antifoam agent loses none of its power when stored even for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. The results of testing with a commercially available liquid detergent were quite clear: even when stored for twelve weeks at 40 °C, SILFOAM® SD 8261 reliably continued to prevent the surfactant solution from foaming.

Experimental design:

  • Instrument: MIELE Softtronic W1935
  • Temperature: 40 °C / 3 °GH
  • Dosage: 60 g
More about SILFOAM® SD 8261

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