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Electrifying Silicones

From battery to motor to display – without silicones, nothing much would work in an electric vehicle. WACKER is accompanying the automotive industry with specialized silicone products as it enters the new age of electromobility.

Electromobility probably presents the automotive industry with the greatest challenges ever in its history. Challenges that also impact the automotive subcontracting supply chain. Silicone is the material of choice for many applications – in the fields of electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity.

WACKER is one of the most research-intensive chemical companies and has a long tradition of developing, modifying and adapting silicones to the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry. Watch our video for more information :

Why WACKER Silicones Occupy Pole Position in Electric Vehicles.

Silicones can be used safely – even when pushed to their limits. This makes them ideal for extreme conditions, especially those found in electromobility.

Effective Thermal Management

  • Silicones retain their properties over a wide temperature range and are heat resistant up to 180 °C (230 °C for specialty grades)
  • Heat-sink silicones support heat dissipation and thermal management

Functional Reliability

  • Reliable sealing: permanent, durable resistance to damp, chemicals, coolants, oils, etc.
  • Relatively constant electrical insulation properties over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies
  • Outstanding vibration damping from -45 °C to 180 °C

Protection for Sensitive Electronics

Gels with low modulus of elasticity protect against external influences and mechanical stress transmission.

Competitive Manufacturing Processes

WACKER silicones are designed for simple, efficient manufacturing processes:

  • They possess versatile properties (such as flowability, adhesion, crosslinking) that can be adapted to different manufacturing processes.
  • Automated series production possible

Let’s Power Up the Future. Let’s Put the Wheels on Electromobility.

WACKER silicones are ideal for use in electric vehicles. For more information about our silicones, visit the WACKER product portal at.

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