WACKER Insights: Biopolymers That Stand Up to Everyday Demands

WACKER Insights

Biopolymers That Stand Up to Everyday Demands

The future belongs to bioplastics – a term referring to biopolymers that are either manufactured from renewable raw materials or that are biodegradable. When it comes to their mechanical properties, however, these two groups often cannot compete with conventional plastics. A new additive blend from WACKER for biodegradable polymers aims to change that.

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Silicones – Engineers for Special Challenges

Silicones from WACKER generate the most amazing success stories – and yet, they often remain hidden in the background. They move us punctually from A to B, they make housework easier and they have even made the energy revolution possible. They can be found working hard at the bottom of the sea or even flying up into space.

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Silicones – Gentle on the Skin

Artificial openings made in the bowel or the bladder – also known as stomas – require constant care. Because the systems employed need to be affixed to the body, it is not uncommon for chronic skin irritation and inflammation to occur. UK-based Trio Healthcare has launched breathable silicone adhesives that greatly enhance stoma patients’ quality of life.

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WACKER products serve many different sectors and offer you market-oriented solutions for the most diverse fields of application. Here you’ll find the right product for your needs.

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RHYME Bavaria

WACKER is beginning the work of decarbonizing its industrial production processes.

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Annual Report

You will find detailed information on the 2020 business year in our latest Annual Report.

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WACKER Square App

Our app offers access at any time to WACKER’s entire media catalog – from product brochures to videos and podcasts, through to the latest edition of WACKER's magazine (WWW). Everything is clearly structured, easily accessible, always up to date and, of course, also available offline.

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Wacker Chemie AG is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2006. The WACKER share is currently included in the MDAX.

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As a chemical-sector company, WACKER must ensure that it strikes a balance between economic, ecological and social responsibilities. The topic of sustainability has always been an essential part of our corporate culture and forms one of the five goals that make up our corporate strategy.

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Press & Media

If you’re looking for information about Wacker Chemie AG for your reporting, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find press releases and images, video material, publications, features, podcasts and much more. If you’re a journalist with questions, our media contacts will be only too pleased to help.

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