Pure Silicones for Your Future

Experience Medical Application Variety in a New Dimension

Medical Technology

Medical Applications

As versatile as modern medicine

Ventilation Mask

Gentle on the skin, pleasing to the touch, suitable for steam sterilization

Breathing Tube

Sterilizable, excellent mechanical properties, coextrusion possible

Respiratory Bellows

Outstanding elasticity, excellent resilience, biocompatible

Handles for Surgical Instruments

Pleasing to the touch, sterilizable, long service life

Seals for Disposable Syringes

Biocompatible, excellent sealing properties, exact and even dosing

Interfaces for Infant Nasal Breathing Tubes

Gentle on the skin, different levels of softness, biocompatible

Valves for Resuscitation and Ventilation

Biocompatible, excellent mechanical properties such as durability, sterilizable


Excellent mechanical properties, outstanding sealing properties, sterilizable


Gentle on the skin, outstanding elasticity, biocompatible


Outstanding mechanical properties, excellent resilience, sterilizable

Wound Care

Medical Silicone Adhesives

Perfect adhesion for sensitive medical applications

Medical Silicone Adhesives

Minimal pain, maximum quality of life

Adhesive Layer for Wound Dressings

High degree of wearing comfort, pain-free removal

Non-Adhering Wound Dressings

Highly breathable, easy removal

Scar Dressings

Secure bond, highly flexible


Silicones for Orthopedic Applications

Quality and safety

Anti-Decubitus Aids

Perfect pressure distribution for optimum relief

Silicones for Insoles

Good wearing comfort thanks to perfect damping properties

Truss Pads for Orthotic Devices and Bandages

Stability for perfect support


Silicones for Prosthetic Applications

Innovative solutions for prosthetics

Liner for Leg Prosthesis

High shock and vibration damping

Partial Prosthesis

Aesthetic, functional and customizable

Silicones for External Mammary Prostheses

Individually shaped and feel natural to wear

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