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People Are Drawn to Cities

A new megacity – a city with more than ten million residents – emerges every 16 months. A phenomenon of the globalized world, they are typically found in emerging markets, where 24 of the planet's 31 megacities are currently located.

The Biggest Megacities in the World

In millions of inhabitants

Delhi, India

2016: 26.5

2030: 36.1

Beijing, China

2016: 21.2

2030: 27.7

Cairo, Egypt

2016: 19.1

2030: 24.5

São Paulo, Brazil

2016: 21.3

2030: 23.4

Big Cities and Ecology – Incompatible?

On the Contrary!

Cities are the source of 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions – a value that could be cut significantly, as cities take on a prominent role in the fight against climate change. WACKER's construction chemicals help minimize emissions in the long term by reducing construction materials and extending renovation intervals.

Sustainable Products Save Resources

WACKER develops products that help promote sustainable construction practices all over the world,

which puts cities in a key position to fight climate change. WACKER construction chemicals help by optimizing renovation cycles and achieving lasting reductions in emissions.

Thin-bed method clear_16x9

Modern Thin-Bed Technology

Adding WACKER binders can drastically reduce the use of sand and cement – by up to 80 percent compared to the traditional thick-bed method. This not only means less material consumption at the construction site, but also saves time and costs.

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A New Generation of Pervious Concrete

The sun heats concrete and asphalt in cities immensely. And heavy rainfall occurs frequently, which pushes sewer systems to their limit. Pervious concrete is coarse-grained and contains many cavities, allowing rainwater to drain away more easily. ETONIS®, a concrete admixture developed by WACKER, allows manufacturers to produce a particularly robust grade of pervious concrete offering exceptional protection from freeze-thaw cycles and from chemicals dissolved in water.

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Sponge Cities: The New Urban Planning Concept

In the coming years, China intends to modify around 80 percent of its urban areas to absorb and reuse over two thirds of rainwater. Better use of rain and wastewater requires efficient sewers, pipes and tanks. In mineral waterproofing membranes, VINNAPAS® binders provide sealing materials with the necessary strength, adhesion and flexibility.

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Energy-Efficient Building Renovation

According to a current study by the European Union, buildings could achieve a neutral CO2 balance if 97 percent of all buildings were refurbished along energy lines. With its VINNAPAS® products, WACKER can make a considerable contribution to meeting this goal: adding a mere 2 to 3 percent in mortar suffices to bond insulating systems and masonry securely and firmly.

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