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Explaining How Biotechnology Pervades Our Lives

Dr. Susanne Leonhartsberger

Divisional President of WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS

Bild von Frau Dr. Susanne Leonhartsberger

„Biologics offer novel opportunities for fighting severe illnesses, such as cancer. What motivates me and many of my colleagues is WACKER’s role as a supplier of innovative medication for sick people all over the world.“

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Fighting disease

Medication – utmost purity and safety

WACKER offers fine chemicals for the synthesis of active ingredients and bioengineered products for the formulation of actives. It is also a reliable partner when it comes to the contract-manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

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A conscious lifestyle choice

The power of plants – intrinsically healthy

From cholesterol-lowering substances to antioxidants: WACKER’s unique ingredients support heart health and healthy aging.

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Supplying plants

Specialists in protection and growth

WACKER’s specialty products optimize processes and formulations in the agrochemical industry. Take, for example, our fine chemicals, which make it possible to manufacture highly effective, yet environmentally compatible plant-protection agents.

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Responsible for the development of industrial applications for cyclodextrins at WACKER

“In the world of cyclodextrins, many skills are hidden, some still unexplored.”


Responsible for the development of bioactive ingredients

“We produce nature-identical plant compounds and improve the bioavailability of naturally occurring substances.”



Managing Director of Wacker Biotech GmbH

Dr. Guido Seidel studied chemistry at Hannover University. During his degree thesis and doctoral work, he specialized in industrial biotechnology and biochemistry. He moved to Wacker Biotech GmbH as head of Process Engineering in 2007. In 2013, he became managing director of Operations, with responsibility for all operations-related departments. Effective April 1, 2020, he replaced Dr. Susanne Leonhartsberger as first managing director of Wacker Biotech GmbH.

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Systematic Innovation Management

For tomorrow’s applications and products

The most important resources for innovations are the ideas that WACKER employees come up with. Dr. Oliver Minge and his team ensure that the right ideas are identified and developed at WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS – so that they serve as a basis for new innovations.

7 Production Sites


7 Production Sites


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