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The WACKER Infoline Offers You a Fast and Highly Efficient Service for Questions About Our Products and Services

When you contact with us, whether by phone or email, we immediately put you in touch with a qualified WACKER contact who can address most of your concerns directly. If not, they forward the details of your inquiry to experts from the relevant department. Normally, no more than a day passes between inquiry and response. And even if things get complicated, you can generally expect a detailed reply within two days.

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Europe and the Middle East:

Toll-free number for Germany: 0800-6279-800

Toll-free number for international calls: 00 800-6279-0800

General phone number: +49 89 6279-1741

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North/Central/South American Region

Toll-free number: +1 888-922-5374 (+1 888-WACKER 4 U)

If a direct connection via the toll-free numbers provided is not possible from your region, please use the country-specific toll-free numbers.

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