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The use of WACKER products is indispensable in today’s cosmetics. In our seminars, we dive deep into the topic of personal care and show you the many different applications of our products.

Personal Care in Theory and Practice

In skin-care or hair-care applications, sun screen or color cosmetics: WACKER products are ubiquitous components of personal-care products, and range from high-quality silicones to pyrogenic silicas to innovative cyclodextrins. These products enable highly effective formulations in which they deliver glowing skin, glossy hair, a pleasant fragrance and the ideal level of protection.

Take part in WACKER ACADEMY seminars and learn more about the secrets of beauty and personal-care products. With the right blend of theoretical instruction and hands-on training in our lab, we will show you how to make your product a success. Our qualified instructors will give you a comprehensive overview of our products, their unique properties and their outstanding effects in personal-care applications.

Seminars for Personal Care

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Personal Care Advanced Seminar: HDK® – Pyrogenic Silica

Europe (Burghausen) Instructor-led training Distributors

This seminar provides an in-depth understanding of the possibilities that HDK® offers as a performance additive.

Upon request

Personal Care BELSIL® Specialty Products for Consumer Care

South Korea (Pangyo) Instructor-led training Customers

This seminar presents the range of WACKER’s high-quality consumer care products and addresses the unique silicone properties and specialty applications of BELSIL®.

Upon request

Personal Care Basic Seminar: HDK® Pyrogenic Silica

Europe (Burghausen) Instructor-led training Distributors

This seminar provides basic information on HDK® manufacturing, products and applications.

Upon request

Personal Care Silicones in Hair Care

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This seminar will introduce participants to the significance of silicone chemistry and to the mode of action of silicones in hair-care applications

Upon request

Personal Care Silicones in Hair Care

China (Shanghai) Instructor-led training

This course will introduce application mechanisms and models for silicone in hair-care products, including shampoo, hair conditioner, styling products and hair tail oil. Participants will also be introduced to test methods, standards, formulation suggestions and testing.

Upon request

Personal Care Silicones in Personal Care

USA (Adrian, Allentown, Dalton) Instructor-led training

This course will show you how to improve your beauty products with BELSIL® silicones.

Upon request

Personal Care Technical Service Course: Personal Care

Europe (Burghausen) Instructor-led training

This seminar provides an interesting overview of the possibilities of silicones in personal care applications.

Jun 23, 2020 (08:30 AM Europe/Berlin) - Jun 26, 2020 (04:00 PM Europe/Berlin) English

Personal Care WACKER Silicones in Hair Care

Russia (Moscow) Instructor-led training

This course focuses on the structure of silicones used in hair-care applications, and discusses products, technology recommendations and test methods.

Upon request

Personal Care WACKER Silicones in Skin Care

Russia (Moscow) Instructor-led training

Learn more about silicones in skin care, the structure of silicones and technology recommendations, and receive practical training in the lab.

Upon request


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Instructors for Personal Care

In our seminars, you will benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified instructors. Here you will find an overview of our instructors along with additional information.

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