Pulp, Paper & Printing Processes VINNAPAS® and VINNOL® for Architectural Paints, Adhesives, Industrial Coatings, Engineered Fabrics

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This seminar provides an overview of the possibilities of polymeric binders for architectural paints, adhesives, coatings and engineered fabrics.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


Polymer Binders VINNAPAS® und VINNOL®

  • Polymer Chemistry, manufacturing process and mode of action of Dispersions and Resins
  • Characteristics, test methods and applications of
    Surface Coating Resins
    Architectural Paints (e.g. interior and exterior paints; intumescent coatings)
    Adhesives (e.g. paper packaging, wood, floor coverings)
    Engineering fabrics (non-wovens, textile binders)

Seminar objectives

Applications in the construction and coatings industries entail the use of all kinds of raw materials. This seminar will teach participants what they need to know to make ideal use of the potential opportunities of polymeric binders. Starting with the mode of action, the seminar will also cover current uses and test methods for various formulations and applications.

Target audience

Technicians, sales managers, marketing managers

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Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 EUR

Number of participants

3 - 12


Dr. Marion Killat

Dr. Marion Killat studied at the University of Kaiserslautern, earning a doctorate in chemistry. Following a post-doctoral stay in the USA,she started her career at WACKER in 2000, joining the R&D department of WACKER POLYMERS. Since 2006, she has been a member of the WACKER ACADEMY training team, for diverse WACKER POLYMERS applications.