Construction Materials Silicones in Masonry Protection

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This seminar will explain the significance and mechanisms of silicones for the construction industry. It will also introduce applications in masonry protection, test methods and standards, and will discuss formulation guidelines and testing.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


Introduction to silicone chemistry; the significance and mode of action of silicones in the construction industry; main application fields (silicone resin emulsion paints, impregnation of mineral substrates and in-plant impregnation of construction materials); key tests and standards; a discussion on sample formulations; laboratory testing.

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Seminar objectives

This two-day seminar on silicones in masonry protection provides a good mix of theoretical and practical training. The course offers interesting and diversified insight into the world of silicones and their advantages and applications for the treatment and preservation of all important building materials.

Target audience

Technical and R&D personnel (with a basic knowledge of chemistry)

Fee (includes value-added tax)

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Number of participants

5 - 15


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