Industrial Coatings #HDK® in Coatings

Webinar | Distributors


This webinar will introduce you to the use of HDK® for formulating coatings.


Basic knowledge of chemistry

Seminar objectives

This webinar provides an introduction in the use of HDK® for controlling rheology when formulating coatings. Topics include formulation guidelines and recommendations, as well as how to choose the right HDK® grades for different coating systems.

Target audience

Marketing, product and sales managers for the HDK® product line

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Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 EUR

Number of participants

2 - 60


Dr. Jörg Heinlein

Dr. Jörg Heinlein began work as technical service manager for effect pigments based on liquid crystalline polymers after his studies. Later on he was responsible for market development for optical film applications with liquid crystalline polymers. In 2011, he conducted as technical service manager for HDK fumed silica with focus on coatings and composites first trainings for WACKER SILICONES distribution partners. Since then, he has been part of the WACKER ACADEMY training team.