Construction Materials Advanced Application Techniques for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems

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This course will introduce the ETICS market, the state of technology, issues and current market trends. We will share a case study and quality control solutions for ETICS, and demonstrate in detail how to apply ETICS correctly and to test the whole system.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


The state of the ETICS market and technology including current problems; current market trends in ETICS system components and installation; a case study and solution for ETICS quality problems; requirements and standards; hands-on work with a complete ETICS in which participants will use the climatic testing wall to perform relevant test methods on test specimens.

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Seminar objectives

During this two-day intensive seminar, you will learn about the individual components of ETICS and the advantages of using polymer binders for this application. The course will also provide information on current market trends, potential savings, quality problems and solutions. Proper ETICS application and full-system testing will be demonstrated in detail.

Target audience

Technical managers, R&D managers or engineers in need of basic knowledge in construction chemistry

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

5 - 15


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