Construction Materials Silicones for Construction Applications: Basics

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This seminar will focus on the basics of silicone chemistry for construction applications, and will cover the functionalities of silicone resins and its precursors, which are the key ingredients for making mineral substrates water repellent.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


  • Overview of silicone chemistry
  • Silanes, siloxanes and silicone resins and their reactions with mineral substrates
  • Facade protection

Seminar language

English, Portuguese, Spanish

Seminar objectives

This course will teach customers the basics of silicones as construction chemicals, giving participants the tools they need to develop products that fit into their portfolio.

Target audience

Technical and marketing personnel working for construction chemicals companies or in the paints and coatings industry. May also be helpful to customer sales teams wishing to provide better support for sales development.

Number of participants

3 - 20


Pedro Marani

A technical manager for Construction Silicones in South America, Pedro Marani holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry, both from the University of São Paulo, as well as an MBA in Innovation Management from Business School São Paulo. He has over a decade of work experience in the construction chemicals industry in companies such as Dow Chemical and MC-Bauchemie. Working at WACKER Brazil since 2013, his main activities involve silicone specialties for the construction and coatings industry, as well as developing new applications and solutions for the local market.


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