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In our Open Print Lab, we will show you the opportunities afforded by 3D printing with silicone.


We always precisely tailor our program to your needs, your prior knowledge and your experience.


Classroom training/theory:

  • Additive manufacturing – welcome to a whole new world
  • Silicone elastomers – an introduction to their basic chemistry for beginners
  • Creative freedom – discover novel solutions by integrating functionality and lattice structures.
  • 3D printing in health care applications – learn more about material properties and suitable applications.

Printing training / hands-on experience:

  • First steps – a general introduction to the basics of the technology
  • An advanced perspective on design – optimize your results by harmonizing technology, methods and design.
  • Learn to see the differences – compare the various silicone grades and use them for creating different shapes.

Seminar objectives

We offer a unique solution for 3D printing with silicone – ACEO® technology. We would be happy to give you a closer look at our technology and at the solutions we offer. We are convinced that hands-on experience is the best way to familiarize yourself with what 3D printing with silicone can offer you and how it can meet your needs.

Target audience

Engineers, designers, newcomers and experts who work with 3D printing technologies

Seminar language


Fee (includes value-added tax)

1200.00 EUR

Number of participants

1 - 4


Seitz, Dr. Vera

Dr. Vera Seitz

Vera Seitz studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, graduating from the Institute of Medical and Polymer Engineering with a doctorate degree. She started her career as Product Design Engineer at WACKER in 2016, joining the ACEO® Project 3D printing with silicones. In this function, she supports customers in realizing additive part designs and is responsible for the quality control of additive manufactured silicone parts.  

Liesener, Dr. Florian

Dr. Florian Liesener