Adhesives Advanced VAE Technology and In-Depth Discussion of Specific Adhesive Applications

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This seminar will demonstrate how you can utilize VINNAPAS®VAE dispersions to meet customer requirements and will present new substrates under development to help you respond to new trends.


Specific applications and troubleshooting



  • New VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions
  • What are the current limitations for a given application?
  • Discussion of new customer development; proposing new businesses relevant to a customer's current business


Introduction to new substrates and test methods.

Seminar language


Seminar objectives

Introduction to new VAE dispersion technology and assistance for customers starting a new business

Target audience

Any individuals with job responsibilities relevant to the VAE dispersion industry

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

Around 10


Woo-Jae Lee

Woo-Jae Lee joined the AD/TS team for the Industrial Coating Polymers market segment at Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2012. He holds a master’s degree in Organic Synthesis and over 15 years he has gained extensive experience with a variety of waterborne dispersions. He is currently the technical manager for the Adhesives and Carpet & Paper market segments in the NEA/SEA/ANZ territories.


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