WACKER Resumes Operations at the Charleston plant

Charleston, TN, Apr 26, 2018

WACKER-Charleston announced today it has safely resumed operations for the production of polysilicon. Using a phase-in approach, WACKER has begun the initial start-up of the site, starting with distillation. The initial production of polysilicon is targeted to begin in the next few weeks. WACKER anticipates the Charleston site will reach full capacity in Q4 2018.

Production of polysilicon had been suspended since September 7, 2017, when a mechanical failure due to a fractured compressor piston caused an explosion. Mary Beth Hudson, Vice President Polysilicon, Site Manager Charleston praised employees’ determination, patience and perseverance. She stated: “Since the incident, our entire workforce has demonstrated an unparalleled team commitment involving the restoration efforts. We are extremely grateful and proud of our team.”

“WACKER-Charleston has already become stronger and better,” said Hudson. “The global WACKER organization has demonstrated tremendous support of the Charleston site. Ensuring that all of our team members remained employed and engaged in site improvements was an important aspect of that support. WACKER is committed to the Charleston site.

First and foremost, safety is our top priority. We are constantly practicing, evaluating and adapting our protocols to ensure the safety of our site, our team members, our community and our environment,” Hudson stated. “As we safely resume production, it is important to all of us at WACKER-Charleston that we are a proud corporate citizen. We remain deeply committed to our community.”

Site Contact

WACKER Charleston
Lisa Mantooth
Tel.: (423) 780-8201